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What Type Of Water Fountain Should I Buy?

A lot of homeowners wonder “What Type Of Water Fountain Should I Buy?”.  This guide helps outline what types of water fountains there are, and which are better for different spaces.

While water fountains might seem simple on the surface there are different designs and types.  There are water fountains which sit on the ground and others are mounted straight to walls. Depending on the area your fountain will reside, the architect

A fountain is available for any location in your home, your residential landscape, and even your commercial office!

Wall Fountains

  • Beauty & Appeal:

Choose by the statement you want it to say about your home and/or office.

  • Saving Space:

By placing your fountain upon a wall you will be making more space in your home and/or office.

  • Painting Alternative:

Put some elegance in the room of your choice by creating wall fountains, by changing the normal

wall décor to fountains.

  • Out of Reach:

Since it is harder for children and pets to reach, it makes things a lot safer.

  • Branding:

Add your company’s log to your fountain and increase brand exposure.

Floor Fountains and Water Walls

  • Visual Impact:

Water walls will captivate customers, and gives off a relaxing effect.

  • Pet Accessible:

It can also benefit your pet, for pets enjoy it when they are allowed to drink from a fountain.

  • Company Logo

Use your logo for personalizing your company’s brand, and start receiving more brand recognition.

  • Easily Moved:

Keep in mind, the floor fountains are easily moved, since they are not mounted on a wall.

  • Simple Installation:

Fountains that stay on the floor are usually easily installed.

  • Fills Vertical Space:

Outdoor / Garden Fountains

  • Large Focal Point:

One way to put that ‘Wow’ factor into your home and/or office is to install an Outdoor – Garden Fountain.

  • Coin Collection:

People will be tossing coins in your Outdoor – Garden Fountain, to make wishes. Imagine, collecting these coins up every day!

  • Noise Mitigation:

You would be able to drown out/block any unwanted noises by having a larger fountain installed. Replace the unwanted sounds with the soothing that comes from the water.

  • Easy Installation:

The garden fountain will be easy to install, for the majority of them is only going to need a level surface.

  • Doubles as Birdbath:

You will be able to relax and watch as the birds use your fountain as their playground.

Lake and Pond Fountains

  • Controls Bugs and Mosquitoes:

Having a lake fountain is beneficial, as it creates water that is agitated, which helps the water from drawing in mosquitos for developing their eggs.

  • Improves Water Quality:

Pond and lake fountains help in increase the waters circulation, improve the water quality, the life of the fish and plants.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

Enhance your home and/or office with a pond or lake fountain, with the stunning effect it gives off visually.

  • Inhibits Algae Growth:

The growth of algae will be limited from the circulation a fountain puts in the water, additionally, it also makes the water better oxygenated.

Tabletop Fountains

  • Perfect for Pets:

Most pets enjoy playing, and drinking, from a fountain, however, maybe not your cat! Also, fountains will be safe for your pets.

  • Quick and Easy Set up:

It only takes a few minutes to set up a table top fountain.

  • Affordable:

Even if you have a tight budget, a tabletop fountain will let you enjoy a fountains many benefits.

  • Great for Small Spaces:

A tabletop fountain is going to give your home and/or office that element – that says sophistication.

  • Great Gift:

When you have to get a gift for someone, whether it is a friend, a family member, customers, or spouse, Tabletop fountains are great to give.

Phoenix Valley Water Fountain Sales

If you live in or near the Phoenix Valley in Arizona and would like to get a new water fountain Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. has a wide selection, friendly sales, and expert landscapers. We have design specialists that can help you choose the right look, size, and material for your water fountain.  When you are asking “What type of water fountain should I buy?” we will help you narrow down what matters to you, and find the perfect choice for your home or office. Call us at 480-488-9455 for information about our fountains.

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Garden Water Fountains

Garden Water Fountains Cave Creek AZ

Are you searching google for “Garden Water Fountains”? If so, Desert Foothills Gardens, Inc. is here to help you find the perfect garden water fountains for your outdoor living space. Adding a water fountain to your garden can be a great way to really tie your landscaping together with a special centerpiece.  It’s visually attractive for not just you and your garden visitors, but for wildlife as well.  Even just sitting out next to it will provide hours and hours of soothing sounds. Adding a garden water fountain will increase the value of your home, and you’ll get to enjoy it for years to come.

The sound of falling water, like that of rain or even a rushing waterfall, has been known to be a soothing and relaxing sound for centuries.  There are even meditation techniques that involve the participant to imagine total silence, except for drops of water falling gently onto a still body of water.

With a wide variety of materials these garden water fountains can be selected to match your house, your style, and the architecture of your home.  Adding things like water fountains can be a very real and tangible way to up that curb appeal, and in turn enhance your home’s value. Garden fountains are easily maintained, as the water recirculates throughout its cycle the water helps the keep the fountain cleaner than water that is standing.  Does your outdoor living space seem to be missing that wow factor? It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating your home garden or corporate office courtyard, Desert Foothills Gardens dazzling outdoor water fountains may be just the thing you need to completely revamp your outdoor space. Choose from outdoor water fountains with all kinds of appealing features. Outdoor garden fountains can add beauty to your garden and can give it that fresh enticing look.

Relieve Stress with Garden Water Fountains

Our lives can be packed full of stress. Between our jobs, families and other responsibilities there needs to be a place and time for us to relax.  Study after study proves that unmanaged stress can be detrimental to not only your physical but also effects your mental health as well.  As important as it is to handle our business and take care of our families, we can’t effectively do so without taking care of ourselves. Garden water fountains also develop negative ions that help promote serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the chemical that manages our mood. If serotonin levels are low, there is a greater risk of depression.

In many European capitals there are large fountains that still serve a purpose.  As much as they are not still the place that people bathe, they are certainly a place that people gather.  The sound of water falling has been a known stress reliever for many years.  The sound of a garden fountain washes away the stresses of your day, and when focused on can be a passive meditation all on it’s own. The sounds of flowing water will help you and your family relax, and give you a new way to enjoy the water by drowning out other sounds around you. Not only can the smooth flow of water be relaxing, it can also drown out distracting noises such as traffic and neighbors. In some studies the sound of running water has been proven to lower stress levels in some people.

Attract a Variety Birds to Your GardenGarden Water Fountain Wild Birds of Arizona Cave Creek

A lot of people have bird baths.  Standing bodies of water that don’t get moved around and actually need maintenance to continue to offer clean water for the wildlife that visits, or could visit your garden.  If you don’t change out the water on a bird bath there are types of fungus and bacteria that will thrive and it could actually be harmful for the animals in your garden.  It’s bad for the birds, and the smell can actually end up a distraction in your garden.

A water fountain can greatly enhance your gardens ecosystem. With a water fountain that constantly re-circulates water the water will be clean and inviting for birds and other animals to come and enjoy a bath, and stay longer.  This is especially nice for those bird watchers who want to record and study which birds they get to see in their yard.  Just like us, all animals require fresh, clean water to thrive. Birds need water for both drinking and preening. Another benefit for your garden is that the birds while on their visit to your garden will also have a chance to pollinate the flowers and plants you’re growing.  This means bigger and better crops, or healthier flowers. One major issue is the fact that insects absolutely love water. Some species of birds eat insects and can help control the amount in your yard.

Desert Foothills Garden & Nursery is your #1 source for Garden Water Fountains in Arizona.

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Different Types of Water Fountains for Your Garden

Gardens are a nice place where you can relax and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and nature. It takes a lot of effort and time to create and implement a whole designed garden, but the money and time is well spent if you plan to spend a lot of time relaxing, working, and entertaining in your garden. Having a well-designed landscape can be a really nice investment as it can raise the curb appeal to your property. Adding containers, plants, paving, water features and sculptures are just a few ways that you can enhance your landscape. This article will focus on 5 different types of water fountains for your garden.

When you add a water fountain to your garden, it will change the whole feel and look. What was just simple and ordinary, is now a complete outdoor oasis. The flowing water sounds has a really relaxing effect as well as being known to attract birds and other wildlife, which changes the whole atmosphere. Fountains can also be the focal point of any garden or backyard.

Garden fountains come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. They can be tiered, freestanding, disappearing, or wall mounted. They can also be customized according to the space where it is install, the budget you have, and how much maintenance you plan to do. Most fountains are completely prefabricated.

Landscapers will normally follow this rule when they install fountains. They will use two fountains, one small and one big. The bigger fountain is the focal point while the small one is just an accent. There are other considerations to think about such as the type of garden where the fountain will be. Our professionals will be able to provide you with ideas and tips for adding the right type of fountain to your garden. Email or call us at 480-488-9455 today to help with your landscape design or installation.

Tiered Fountain

Tiered fountains are really popular and have been used in gardens for centuries. These fountains are really popular in countries like Italy and Spain and are normally placed in plazas and courtyards. The design of a tiered fountain can be complex or simple such as carvings of people, animals and more.

Tiered fountains look great in a classical or traditional setting. The fountain needs to look as if it has been there for years and the color should blend in with the paving.

Disappearing Fountain

This water feature is called the pondless fountain. The water reservoir is hidden beneath the ground and it looks great when it is positioned near a path or patio, as it gives a really attractive appearance and sound to the whole area. Some of the popular styles are ceramic urns, natural looking waterfalls, millstones, and granite column as well as other styles.

The disappearing fountain can be great for your garden for the following reasons:

  • It takes up little space and can be installed virtually anywhere. It is great for small backyards and patios.
  • It requires little maintenance. Debris, leaves, and dirt can’t enter the reservoir and the sun can’t grow algae.
  • Since the water body is underground, the water won’t evaporate. So, less water is used when compared to a traditional fountain.
  • The reservoir is underground, so there isn’t an open basin or pond, so there isn’t a drowning risk. It is safe for children.

Japanese Fountain

Every Japanese garden will have a fountain. It symbolizes physical and spiritual cleansing, and so they are located at the entrance of the home or temple. Japanese fountains have simple designs and the focus is on the water instead of the basin.

A fountain that has a bamboo spout may be installed. The water trickles from the spout into the basin, which is made from stone. It will have jagged edges and will look old and weathered by outdoor elements. This type of fountain appears to be in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, so it will be installed around rocks and surrounded by ferns and evergreen plants. This type of fountain is more than just decor or an ornament.

Another type of idea is to install the stone fountain on a gravel bed and then surround it with rocks and live bamboo. As the years go by, moss will grow on the stones and it will begin to look like a part of the landscape.  Those who have a lot of open space, will often consider having a large water feature. They will be able to create a meandering stream or pond and then add fish, mainly koi to it. It isn’t always necessary to have water inside of the fountain. Most Japanese gardens will use stones, sand, and gravel to represent water. These gardens will also have flat stones from rivers which will be tightly laid together to make it look like a moving stream of water.

Wall Fountain

Wall fountains look great on a small patio or in a courtyard since it gives the sense of relaxation. This type of fountain doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be customized to fit on a certain wall. It does require a pump, internal tubing, water basin and a spout. It can be mounted or freestanding and the styles include Asian, antique, modern or traditional.

Having a freestanding wall fountain also known as a floor fountain is very large. The basin is place on the ground.  A wall mounted fountain, is integrated on an existing wall or built into a new wall. The fountain adds a cohesive look which makes it look like it is part of the landscape instead of just an added feature and the natural look is like a work of art.

Self-Contained Fountain

Self-contained fountains are really popular because they can be installed easily and are affordable. They have all the working parts that include the pump and plumbing needed to function. Self-contained may also refer to the fountains that have their own reservoir and don’t have to be placed in a pool or pond.

These fountains are great for patios and decks since installation is easy and quick and they don’t require any construction. This also ensure that it is simple to move it to another place.  In order to install the fountain, the landscaper will ensure that the land is level. If the ground is uneven, then it will be leveled and compacted. The fountain will then be placed and water added to it. Then it will be connected to a power source like batteries, outlet, or solar panel.

Self-contained fountains are convenient because there isn’t a need for external plumbing, connection to water, or piping. It can be placed anywhere in the garden, but most are used as a focal point. They may be made from fiberglass, ceramic, metal, cast stone as well as other materials.

Phoenix Valley Landscape Consultants

Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. offers expert planning and installation of new landscapes for Phoenix valley residents. From Cave Creek to Mesa and anywhere in between we help our friends in Arizona design the most relaxing and beautiful outdoor spaces. Ensure that you consult one of our landscaping professionals for advice with getting the perfect look for your garden. Call Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. at 480-488-9455 for more information on our fountains.