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Garden Water Fountains

Garden Water Fountains Cave Creek AZ
Adding a water fountain to your garden can be a great way to really tie your landscaping together with a special centerpiece.  It’s visually attractive for not just you and your garden visitors, but for wildlife as well.  Even just sitting out next to it will provide hours of soothing sounds.

Adding a garden water fountain will increase the value of your home, and you’ll get to enjoy it for years to come.  The sound of falling water, like that of rain or even a rushing waterfall, has been known to be a soothing and relaxing sound for centuries.  There are even meditation techniques that involve the participant to imagine total silence, except for drops of water falling gently onto a still body of water.

With a wide variety of materials these garden water fountains can be selected to match your house, your style, and the architecture of your home.  Adding things like water fountains can be a very real and tangible way to up that curb appeal, and in turn up your home’s value.

Relieve Stress with Garden Fountains

Our lives can be packed full of stress.  Between our jobs, families and other responsibilities there needs to be a place and time for us to relax.  Study after study proves that un-managed stress can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.  As important as it is to handle our business and take care of our families, we can’t effectively do so without taking care of ourselves.  In many European capitals there are large fountains that still serve a purpose.  As much as they are not still the place that people bathe, they are certainly a place that people gather.  The sound of water falling has been a known stress reliever for many years.  The sound of a garden fountain washes away the stresses of your day and when focused on can be a passive meditation all it’s own.

Attract Birds to Your Garden Garden Water Fountain Wild Birds of Arizona Cave Creek

A lot of people have bird baths.  Standing bodies of water that don’t get moved around and actually need maintenance to continue to offer clean water for the wildlife that visits, or could visit your garden.  If you don’t change out the water on a bird bath there are types of fungus and bacteria that will thrive and it could actually be harmful for the animals in your garden.  It’s bad for the birds, and the smell can actually end up a distraction in your garden.

With a water fountain that constantly re-circulates water the water will be clean and inviting for birds and other animals to come and enjoy a bath, and stay longer.  This is especially nice for those bird watchers who want to record and study which birds they get to see. Another benefit for your garden is that the birds while on their visit to your garden will also have a chance to pollinate the flowers and plants you’re growing.  This means bigger and better crops, or healthier flowers.

Desert Foothills Garden & Nursery is your source for Garden Water Fountains.

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