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What Type Of Water Fountain Should I Buy?

A lot of homeowners wonder “What Type Of Water Fountain Should I Buy?”.  This guide helps outline what types of water fountains there are, and which are better for different spaces.

While water fountains might seem simple on the surface there are different designs and types.  There are water fountains which sit on the ground and others are mounted straight to walls. Depending on the area your fountain will reside, the architect

A fountain is available for any location in your home, your residential landscape, and even your commercial office!

Wall Fountains

  • Beauty & Appeal:

Choose by the statement you want it to say about your home and/or office.

  • Saving Space:

By placing your fountain upon a wall you will be making more space in your home and/or office.

  • Painting Alternative:

Put some elegance in the room of your choice by creating wall fountains, by changing the normal

wall décor to fountains.

  • Out of Reach:

Since it is harder for children and pets to reach, it makes things a lot safer.

  • Branding:

Add your company’s log to your fountain and increase brand exposure.

Floor Fountains and Water Walls

  • Visual Impact:

Water walls will captivate customers, and gives off a relaxing effect.

  • Pet Accessible:

It can also benefit your pet, for pets enjoy it when they are allowed to drink from a fountain.

  • Company Logo

Use your logo for personalizing your company’s brand, and start receiving more brand recognition.

  • Easily Moved:

Keep in mind, the floor fountains are easily moved, since they are not mounted on a wall.

  • Simple Installation:

Fountains that stay on the floor are usually easily installed.

  • Fills Vertical Space:

Outdoor / Garden Fountains

  • Large Focal Point:

One way to put that ‘Wow’ factor into your home and/or office is to install an Outdoor – Garden Fountain.

  • Coin Collection:

People will be tossing coins in your Outdoor – Garden Fountain, to make wishes. Imagine, collecting these coins up every day!

  • Noise Mitigation:

You would be able to drown out/block any unwanted noises by having a larger fountain installed. Replace the unwanted sounds with the soothing that comes from the water.

  • Easy Installation:

The garden fountain will be easy to install, for the majority of them is only going to need a level surface.

  • Doubles as Birdbath:

You will be able to relax and watch as the birds use your fountain as their playground.

Lake and Pond Fountains

  • Controls Bugs and Mosquitoes:

Having a lake fountain is beneficial, as it creates water that is agitated, which helps the water from drawing in mosquitos for developing their eggs.

  • Improves Water Quality:

Pond and lake fountains help in increase the waters circulation, improve the water quality, the life of the fish and plants.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

Enhance your home and/or office with a pond or lake fountain, with the stunning effect it gives off visually.

  • Inhibits Algae Growth:

The growth of algae will be limited from the circulation a fountain puts in the water, additionally, it also makes the water better oxygenated.

Tabletop Fountains

  • Perfect for Pets:

Most pets enjoy playing, and drinking, from a fountain, however, maybe not your cat! Also, fountains will be safe for your pets.

  • Quick and Easy Set up:

It only takes a few minutes to set up a table top fountain.

  • Affordable:

Even if you have a tight budget, a tabletop fountain will let you enjoy a fountains many benefits.

  • Great for Small Spaces:

A tabletop fountain is going to give your home and/or office that element – that says sophistication.

  • Great Gift:

When you have to get a gift for someone, whether it is a friend, a family member, customers, or spouse, Tabletop fountains are great to give.

Phoenix Valley Water Fountain Sales

If you live in or near the Phoenix Valley in Arizona and would like to get a new water fountain Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. has a wide selection, friendly sales, and expert landscapers. We have design specialists that can help you choose the right look, size, and material for your water fountain.  When you are asking “What type of water fountain should I buy?” we will help you narrow down what matters to you, and find the perfect choice for your home or office. Call us at 480-488-9455 for information about our fountains.