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What is Xeriscape?

What Is Xeriscape?

What is Xeriscape?

Are you searching google for “What Is Xeriscape” while looking for an explanation? If so, Desert Foothills Gardens is here to tell you what a Xeriscape is and what it isn’t.  It is not a specific group or look of plants. It is a combination of 7 commonsense principles of gardening that save resources, water and time while creating a beautiful landscape.

Xeriscape landscapes are incredibly beautiful and a practical choice for outdoor spaces in the Phoenix Valley. Requiring little to no maintenance or watering, xeriscape landscapes save significant amounts of two of the most valuable commodities around; time and money. Keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful, vibrant, and lively with designs, plants, seeds, supplies and maintenance for your xeriscape outdoor space from Desert Foothills Gardens.

The 7 principles of Xeriscape are:

  1. Plan & Design: Do this for beauty and water conservation from the beginning. The design makes it easy to complete the project in various phases.
  2. Make Practical Turf Areas: They need to be manageable grades, sizes and shapes.
  3. Pick Low-water plants: be sure to group them according to their watering needs. This is called hydrozoning. Then experiment to find how often and how much water to use.
  4. Utilize Soil Amendments: Do this while you plant. Compost is best.
  5. Use Mulch: Similar to woodchips or cobble rock to keep the soil cool and reduce evaporation.
  6. Efficiently Irrigate: Use a properly designed system and apply the right amount of water at the right time.
  7. Maintain your landscape properly: Weed, mow, prune and fertilize properly.

You can get more information about the fundamentals of Xeriscape by contacting your local Xeriscape program, reading books about Xeriscape, or logging into the sites under References & Resources.

What Xeriscape Is Not

Now that we know what Xerixcaping is, we can nail down what it is not.  A lot of people think that Xeriscape is nothing but yards with a pile of grave, rocks, no lawn, and nothing but native plants with no grass.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as well designed, installed, and maintained Xeriscape landscaping is visually stunning, full of vibrant colors and lush green plants including grass.  Read more of what Xeriscape is NOT below:

  • Xeriscape is NOT dry only.

Even though dry-only landscaping can be colorful, and lush, limited areas of high watered areas are consistent with wise water use. A heavily irrigated field turf would make sense, because it recovers fast from heavy use.

  • Xeriscape is NOT just gravel and rocks.

It isn’t zeroscape. Although dry rock gardens are great, there are plenty of choices other than rocks for dry areas of Xeriscapes. Dry means no added water. Xeriscape means that there is some water in well-controlled amounts of water and locations in the landscape.

  • Xeriscape is NOT lawnless landscape.

Some lawn, even species that are highly watered can be wise water usage. Less-lawn landscape instead of lawnless is an appropriate statement.

  • Xeriscape is NOT just native only

There are plenty of local plants that are adapted to the local climate which are great additions to landscapes that use water wisely. For instance, Iris, Roses, Tulips are well adapted to non-irrigated landscapes.

  • Xeriscape is NOT boring.

A well planned Xeriscape is a great example of diversity and beauty that make neighbors jealous. For more information about Xeriscapes, visit our site.

Phoenix Valley Xeriscape Design & Installation

Desert Foothills Gardens has a team of award winning landscape design specialists who are experts in Xeriscape landscaping.  We will help you design a visually impressive, low maintenance, low water use Xeriscape that will bring unmistakable beauty to your residential or commercial property. To ask questions or get started please stop by or give us a call today.

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