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Arizona Xeriscape Gardening

Xeriscape Landscape in Arizona

Arizona is home to one of the most unique and extreme climates in the world. Living here offers one of a kind benefits and challenges alike, all of which effect several areas of daily life. Being that our focus is gardening and outdoor spaces, we are going to focus on how the unique climate can work to your advantage when it comes to cultivating your outdoor spaces. The climate in Arizona is very dry which can make traditional gardening both laborious and expensive due to the cost of the constant watering. While it is completely possible to cultivate a lush, thriving, and beautiful garden using conventional methods, it takes a trained green thumb to truly succeed and master the Arizona climate.

There is an alternative style of gardening that not only thrives easily in the arid Arizona climate, but also requires little to no maintenance in order to keep your desert plants alive and healthy. This alternative is call Xeriscape. The reason for Xeriscape being such a viable option for outdoor spaces in Arizona is the fact that all of the plants used in this style of gardening are native to the region.

The advantage of using native plants is the fact that they are designed to live and flourish in desert southwest. This means that the plants all have an incredible capacity for retaining water due to the natural scarcity of rain throughout the year with the exception of the monsoon season. Once planted, you will literally only need to water you plants when you feel like it. These plants can store water for more than a year if necessary and will be perfectly fine if they have to do so.

The aesthetic appeal of Xeriscape gardens lies in the simplicity and effective use of space. There are natural spaces between plants in Xeriscapes that leave room for artistic additions such as sculptures or glass works. Water features, like fountains are also great additions to Xeriscape outdoor spaces as they add a great degree of atmosphere by adding the audio element of the trickling and bubbling water.

You can place bird feeders and baths in order to attract some of our avian friends to you garden for a visit. Benches and entertainment areas are easy to incorporate into your Xeriscapes where that process could be more cumbersome with conventional gardening which usually fosters more crowded planting beds. Get creative and use this unique climate that we live in to manifest an amazing, one of a kind garden that will enhance your home and property tremendously.

There are many benefits to utilizing a Xeriscape style of gardening if you live in a desert climate like we do. The lack of cost and maintenance alone are amazingly appealing and beneficial, but the fact the Xeriscape is so visually eye catching and versatile make this style almost a no-brainer for would be Arizona gardeners. There are plenty of knowledgeable resources in the Valley when it comes to Xeriscape and finding the plants for your garden is as easy as performing an internet search. Desert Foothills Gardens Landscape Nursery, Inc. is a great source for all things gardening in the Southwest, give us a call today at 480-488-9455, and see what we can do for you.