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Low Maintenance Plants Arizona

Low Maintenance Plants Arizona

Arizona landscapers and homeowners depend on low-maintenance plants that can thrive in extreme conditions. Let’s take a look at some of the best drought-resistant plants in the desert.

Little Leaf Cordia Cordia Parvifolia

Growing only as tall as 6 feet, this small and shrubby tree features a rounded canopy. During the springtime, this canopy will produce some beautiful white flowers. The bark of this tree is colored brown, with small and pointed leaves.

Sugar Bush Rhus Ovata

The Ovata can grow to an average of 3-4-feet tall. It features green leaves that have a slight hint of red on the edges. During the fall season, the leaves will turn a shade of orange. Keep an eye out for small, white flowers produced at this time, as well.


Daleas are a diverse group of plants known to thrive in the extreme Arizona climate. There are close to 200 species of Daleas, including both trees and shrubs. Their pea-shaped flowers can come in three colors, which are yellow, purple and rose.

Feathery Cassia Cassia Nemophila

This evergreen shrub grows quickly in the desert. The Nemophila loves when direct sunlight comes over its feathery, needle-like leaves. This shrub can also flower, with yellow clusters produced at the end of the branches.


Straight from the arid regions of Australia, this group of evergreen plants grow in many different soil types. These emu bushes are more than capable of surviving for long periods of time without any water at all.

Chihuahuan Sage Leucophyllum Laevigatum

This is another low-maintenance plant capable of thriving in Arizona. Their small leaves will produce many purple flowers over time. These shrubs have been capable of growing up to 4-feet tall.

Desert Landscaping In Arizona

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