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Landscaping Costs Arizona 2022

Landscaping Prices In Arizona

The hot and dry climate of Arizona is what makes the state so unique, and it’s why landscaping can be such a fun task. Arizona homeowners can choose to add a saguaro cactus, landscape boulders or even blown glass art to their yards. Here is a list of average prices for many popular landscaping materials.

Landscape Rocks

  • Landscape stone is priced between $0.75-$4 per cubic foot and $20-$100 per cubic yard.
  • Arizona river rocks cost an average of $230 per yard.

Landscape Boulders

  • Landscape boulders cost between $100-$600 per ton.


  • A bulk truck load of sand, topsoil or dirt will cost between $150-$600.
  • Fill sand costs $15-$50 per yard.

Saguaro Cactus

  • 6 inch Saguaro Cactus: $20.
  • 12 inch Saguaro Cactus: $40.
  • 18 inch Saguaro Cactus: $75.
  • 24 inch Saguaro Cactus: $150.
  • 3ft – 7ft Saguaro Cactus: $80 per foot.
  • 8ft – 20ft Saguaro Cactus: $100 per foot.

Saguaro Cactus Cost


  • Economy mulch costs $2-$4 per bag.
  • Economy mulch will cost $15-$30 per cubic yard.
  • Hardwood or colored mulch costs $30-$40 per yard.
  • The average mulch delivery will cost between $40-$100.

Wood Chips

  • Wood chips only cost an average of $2 per bag.
  • The average cost per yard is $24.
  • Wood chip delivery can cost between $120-$250.

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