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How To Bring A Dead Palm Tree Back To Life

How To Bring A Dead Palm Tree Back To Life

How To Save A Dying Palm Tree

Here is a step-by-step guide to reviving a palm tree:

  • Add proper amount of water
  • Use high-quality fertilizer
  • Use top-notch soil
  • Cut fronds only after they are dead
  • Do not prune during hurricane season
  • Plant palms at the right level
  • Provide the right nutrients
  • Increase or decrease sunlight

Add Proper Amount Of Water

Overwatering or underwatering can damage your palm tree. An excess of water may cause the fronds to turn yellow or brown, eventually dying off completely. Underwatering will dry out the leaves, turning them to a shade of brown, as well. Adding about 30 percent sand to your soil is the perfect mixture to prevent overwatering with this help in draining. Make sure the palms are watered more often in the summer than during the winter.

Use High-Quality Fertilizer

By giving your palm tree the nutrients it desperately needs, a healthy and long-lasting growth and development should occur. Using cheap fertilizer can deprive the tree of nutrients, making it more susceptible to disease. Keep a good distance of two-feet away from the roots when applying this fertilizer.

Use Top-Notch Soil

Of course, this step is for palm tree owners who have just purchased the new plant. Using the best and most appropriate soil will give the palm the right moisture to grow and develop. Mixing fertilizer with soil can burn roots, so please avoid this combination.

Cut Fronds Only After They Are Dead

When one first notices the tips of leaves turning brown, it might be a gut instinct to cut these parts off right away. This is not the best way to approach the scenario, though. Cutting the leaves too soon can easily result in a loss of nutrients. Only cut these leaves away after they are dead.

Do Not Prune During Hurricane Season

There is some misinformation about the proper time to prune your trees. Do not prune before hurricane or monsoon season. This will reduce weight, but it will undoubtedly put more stress on the palm tree. These fronds actually provide protection against the wind.

Plant Palms At The Right Level

This means planting the palm tree only deep enough to cover the root ball. Mexican Fan Palm Trees can be buried up to five feet deeper than the root ball. This same rule applies when you are simply replacing a palm tree.

Provide The Right Nutrients

Provide your tree with the right amount of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Without the necessary nutrients, your palm can experience a whole list of troubling issues. Any discoloration, growth of spots and deformation could be signs of lack of nutrients. Iron deficiency can cause broken ends and thin green veins.

Increase Or Decrease Sunlight

If left in direct sunlight, new palm trees can actually become sunburned. The leaves will turn brown when not receiving enough sunlight, on the other hand. Find the perfect spot to plant your tree with the ideal amount of light hitting the area during the day.

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