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Fountains – Cantera

Are you looking for a unique addition to enhance your garden? At Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery we have lots of ideas and the products to go with them, including outdoor canterra fountains! Contact us today and we’ll help you incorporate one of our beautiful canterra fountains into your landscape in a way that complements the different forms, colors,  and sizes of plants that make up your garden and landscape to create the perfect feel and look.

Living in the Desert Southwest offers unique opportunities to create gorgeous, one of a kind landscapes with signature additions that epitomize the spirit of the southwest region. Canterra fountains are just one addition that falls along the lines of the authentic southwest aesthetic. There are limitless opportunities to create the outdoor spaces of your dreams around your home or business.

We offer fountain installation no matter design for both small gardens and large estates. We will help you balance color, form, plants and sculptures to create the perfect desert garden for your home. Contact us for more info about our landscape and garden design services and garden sculptures for sale.


Come visit our desert plant nursery in Cave Creek, as our inventories do change daily!

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