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What Is Xeriscape?

What is Xeriscape?

Are you searching google for “What Is Xeriscape” while looking for an explanation? If so, Desert Foothills Gardens is here to tell you what a Xeriscape is and what it isn’t.  It is not a specific group or look of plants. It is a combination…


Desert Landscaping Phoenix

Phoenix is hot and dry for much of the year. With limited natural rainfall water is a precious resource. Desert landscaping in Phoenix is more than just about saving water, it is the art of creating beautiful and low maintenance landscapes that flatter residential and…


Garden Water Fountains

Adding a water fountain to your garden can be a great way to really tie your landscaping together with a special centerpiece.  It’s visually attractive for not just you and your garden visitors, but for wildlife as well.  Even just sitting out next to it…